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Market Analysis

Real Estate is a growing industry, and you can take advantage of it with the right tools and information. I am here to provide that for you!

As the market expands, real estate investing becomes a realistic solution for people seeking financial freedom through a business they can own. I know that the market can feel uncertain and that there is vast information regarding this business model, which can confuse things.

I am Ron Speedy-Bay Jr. and have spent my time learning and succeeding in this industry now I want to share that with you. With the right tools, anyone can tackle this business.

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I will provide what you need so you can thrive

We offer curated information and guidance to people seeking to enter the real estate industry and improve their financial situation. I’ve used the classes, systems and support we offer and we will ensure you have the tools you need to succeed when you dive into this new venture.

Your financial pathway in real estate

All the hard work is done, we have the support to guide you, so you can build a financial pathway that’s realistic, and viable in the long term. We have crafted the steps that will allow you to reach freedom and become a successful businessperson in real estate deals.

I know it is possible, because I went from educator to real estate investor, and now I am sharing my passion and knowledge with anyone looking for a new path to financial freedom.

Invest in Yourself First

Then You can Invest in your Future

You can learn everything I have by accessing the courses available. I believe that the best way to tackle any new challenge is by fully understanding it, which is why we offer valuable information through courses designed to teach anyone how to get into real estate and have the tools to then do it on their own.

Sell Youe House

I’ll help you reach the new stage of your living journey

As a real estate investor, I’m always looking for opportunities while helping people reach new financial life stages. I strive to help people make real estate transactions that are beneficial, and as simple as possible.

Selling a property and taking care of everything with a big real estate agency can be overwhelming, tedious, and slow. I work with a straightforward approach that makes the process smooth and beneficial for everyone.

I invest in people rather than just properties, and that personal touch allows for the selling process to be even more pleasant.

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We are always transparent about our offers and how it is calculated. You deserve the most money for your house.


All of our customers will be treated equally and will be treated like a member of the family when working with us.


We promise that our customers will be 100% satisfied When selling with us. We always exceed expectations.

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